Is Social Media killing our creativity?

Social Media

The access to information from various sources at any time at great speed has changed the lives of people who use the internet and electronic gadgets. With the advent of smartphones and social medial platforms, you can instantly access information that took weeks or months earlier before the internet era. The social media has an impact on creativity also.

What is creativity? 

Individuals can present their imaginations and knowledge in an impressive manner and for others’ betterment by applying creativity. When the best mind is used to accomplish the best things, you will get the best output.

Reviews and comments 

Reviews and comments

The reviews and comments on others were very limited and narrow during the pre-social media times. Only experts get the opportunities to comment on topics of their relevant field or domain. It is also based on access to the print and audio-visual media. Now, the limitations are erased, and anyone can comment on any topic. However, the way people interpret things will make a difference.

Planning a holiday 

To plan a holiday before the Google era, you should depend upon physical maps (printed copies) and travel agents. Based on the recommendations of travel agencies, you might plan your personal or official trip. Now, you have access to the information at fingertips by using Google and other search engines. The food habits, climatic conditions, culture of people, finance, and other issues can help plan and implement a trip precisely. The available online resources can be used to get the best out of the trip. In this context, the creativity in planning your trip has reached a new level that was not possible earlier. The technology should give you the freedom to make decisions, and you should not be tied to technology.

Core values 

Social media has the potential to spread news like wildfire. It can spread the good news and bad news at incredible speeds. Creativity in a person is innate, and it cannot be destroyed by being exposed to various distractions in this world. A knife can be used for good when you cut fruits or vegetables. The same knife can be used to harm others. Hence, an individual’s judging capabilities will make a difference in promoting creativity or losing creativity. A person with a strong commitment and focus in life will utilize the available social media opportunities to his best interests and excel in life.

A witness of new-age empires 

Social Media killing our creativity

Many online startups result from the utilization of online space for business creation and expansion. People living in remote villages are able to sell their write-ups and singing abilities by showcasing them on social media. Farmers are able to find buyers from whom they get a better price. Some of the popular startups are AirBnB, Instagram, Pinterest, Linkedin, Uber, Snapchat, and WhatsApp.


Hence, the chances of an increase in creativity levels will be high when you use the time and resources efficiently. On the other hand, easily distracted people should get motivation and support from experts to make the most of their lives.

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