6 Step-Morning Routine For a healthy Skin

Healthy Skin

Skincare is essential to get protection from infectious diseases and to enhance the glow. To keep the skin healthy, you should take steps to retain sufficient moisture in the skin. If the moisture level drops due to internal or external factors, the cracks will form on the skin, and your vulnerability to infection will increase.

The 6-step morning routine will help in rejuvenating the skin.

Cleanser –

During winter, you should maintain the firm skin barrier to protect from harsh winds and change in temperature. To arrest the redness, swelling, and dry condition of the skin, you should apply cleanser. The oil residue formed on the skin can be removed by using a cleanser. You are advised to choose a good quality cleanser. Regardless of the skin type, all kinds of cleansers deliver good results by removing the skin’s oil residue.

Water-based cleanser –

For deep cleaning before applying the makeup in the morning, you can use a water-based cleanser. You can apply the cleanser even though the skin is damp due to the application of oil cleanser. After gentle rubbing on the skin, you can leave the form for about 2 minutes. Later, you can wash with cold water and should dry the skin using a washcloth.

Toner –

Toner will balance the PH of your skin. The purpose of the toner is to retain moisture on the skin. It acts as the first level of protection from external harmful infectious elements. After pouring a few drops of toner on your face, you should spread them evenly by using your fingers.


Serum –

The serum is rich in antioxidants, and it is an expensive item. After completing the toning process, you can pump serum on your face. You should allow the serum until the skin absorbs it. The serum protects your skin from various damaging elements such as exhaust fumes and increased cortisol levels in the body. The vitamin-c enriched serum can prevent the formation of lines between eyes.

Moisturizer –

Even though your skin has the potential to retain sufficient moisture, you should consider a good quality moisturizer. And, it should not be dumped when you are using sunscreen protection. After pressing a thin layer on the skin, you should allow it to settle down uniformly. Some moisturizers are available with UV protection also.

Sun protection –

Sun protection is an absolutely essential face protection aid. You should not remove it from your makeup kit. The quarter-sized sunscreen lotion should be applied on the face, and a similar amount should also be applied on the neck.

Sun protection

Primer is optional –

In addition to the sun protection steps taken above, you can also consider primer as an optional item. It is useful in perfecting makeup and taking care of the skin. If you apply a primer, it is easy to apply the foundation, and you will get a blemish-free look. The foundation brush can be used to apply the primer. Don’t forget to clean the brush after completing the task.

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