Stay Fresh, Fit, & Cozy On Quarantine

Stay Fresh, Fit, & Cozy On Quarantine

Man, it’s hard not to let yourself go when you’re locked in the cage of your home for… well we don’t know how long. Here are some ways to keep yourself feeling fresh, fit but still cozy during lockdown (especially if you’re living with your partner).

Fake A Spa

Invest in a massaging foot spa, body scrub, cozy robe, aromatherapy, and massage oil and pretend you’re on a spa vacation.

Fashion Nova

Thank god, they’re still delivering. However do be careful as mail can still contain virus germs. It’s actually best to let your mail sit out for at least 24 hours for the germs to die. If you can wait that long. Anyway, Fashion Nova has tons of lounge wear matching sets for men and women that will make you feel cute AF but beyond comfy. Big tip.


Quit shuffling around in your dirty socks and get yourself some slippers already. Get em cheap for men or women on Amazon (link above).

Exercise Bands

This is the cheapest and one of the best exercise tools you can use at home. You can emulate almost every workout that you do at the gym with these babies. For men or women that are used to heavy weight then get a higher resistance band.


If you don’t already then for your sanity, you better start using this free time to take up meditation. It’ll be worth the whole lockdown. Check out our post on “The Best Meditation Advice You’ll Ever Hear”.

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