Best Holistic Weight Loss Programs | 2020 Update

Best Holistic Weight Loss Programs | 2020 Update

I’ve paid for and tried all the holistic weight loss programs out there. I’m here to give you the top 3, so you can save yourself the time and money.

#1 The Ultimate Holistic Weight Loss Program

This program actually really worked for me. I learned that so much of what I was doing was wrong. This program is exactly what it says. The ultimate guide to holistic weight loss. There’s advice on here that you could only give if you’d counseled as many people as the Registered Dietitian who made the program. It covers things that no other program I’ve seen has touched on. Things that made it so much easier to stick to the plan.

It gives you very easy to follow tricks for stress management, cravings, and overeating that actually work like a charm, immediately. How to heal your gut which is a really essential aspect of holistic weight loss. It also covers supplements, exercise, and gives you free meal plans.

Plus as a bonus you get free email consultations which would usually cost a fortune, so this is a really big bang for your buck.

You can do it at your own pace, but everything is very no B.S. and to the point so you can fly through it in one day if you wanted to. As opposed to other subscription based programs that keep you on the hook for months in order to keep you paying.

To use the program you just sign in and access the interactive e-books at your own pace.

Price: One time price of $37

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#2 Noom

Noom isn’t technically a holistic program but it does teach you some lessons about food choices, stress and cravings, and you get a coach to talk to. It also works as a food tracking app for calories.

But, the coach is actually kind of annoying because they check in on you every day and nag you when you haven’t checked in with them. A little bit of a turn off, unless you’re into that sort of thing.

The other issue is that it’s surprisingly pricy, and the lessons are seemingly intentionally spread out so that you¬†have¬†to pay for a full year at least in order to learn all the lessons. For example, one day is just about choosing lower calorie foods (which is somewhat common knowledge already).

Price: After the 2 week trial, you’ll be billed $129 every four months. To finish the program would require a longer subscription than four months, so you’re looking at around $260 to $520 at the least before you’re all said and done.

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#3 Soulji Nutrition

This program is another made by an actual nutritionist. However this program is just a little less practical than The Ultimate Holistic Weight Loss Program. They both cover things like stress and digestion however, the advice given in Soulji is harder to implement and isn’t as sustainable for the average person that’s trying to live a half way normal life.

Where Soulji talks about “self love” which may be too flowery for some people, The Ultimate Holistic Weight Loss Program shows you more of brain hacks that are derived from psychological research that will reduce stress and cravings. I find that having the science behind it is a bit more helpful.

You do have access to a Facebook group which is nice if you like support however it’ll cost you. This program is 12x the price, and then double that if you want support from the nutritionist.

Price: $497 for the program and another $500 if you want one-on-one counseling

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